Pharmaceutical Technology


Based on the success of the B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology which was started in the year 1992, The Programme is today considered as a major curriculum for Biotechnology education in India. A Brain storming session was organized with lead players from Food Industry, on 10th October 2003. The sessions involved the development of novel curriculum that is essential to train manpower in the above areas. Presently, need is felt by the industries that the good undergraduates or post graduates produced in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology should be trained to understand both the Science and Engineering aspects that are needed in the above technologies. There has been a trend in the development of such specialities . As these industries are poised for rapid development and will interface new technologies that may diverse, the curriculum has been developed taking into account the above requirements. A brief detail of the subjects studied is indicated below.

B.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology

The duration of B.Tech Programme is 8 semesters with core and elective courses taken during the first seven semesters. In the eighth semester the students carry out project work under the guidance of a recognised faculty or in an industry. During the 1st and IInd semesters the students will be taking Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Graphics, Computer Practice, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Biochemistry.

From the III rd Semester onwards, specialized subjects both in the Engineering and Science streams will be introduced like Physical chemistry, Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmaceutics, Molecular Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Instrumental methods of analysis, Heat and Mass transfer, Biochemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical analysis, Chemical reaction Engineering, Pharmacognogy and Pharmacokinetics. From the VII semesters, students will be exposed to total quality management, Drug Design, regulatory issues in pharmaceutical industry, Plant equipment design, Instrumentation control and analysis. There is also a broad range of electives that is available which the students may opt in the respective semesters like Drug Bio evaluation, Pharmaceutical industrial management, Biological Pharmacy and Fermentation Technology, Metabolic Engineering, Pharmocogenomics etc. The students are also exposed to very advanced practical courses and project work.