Having emerged the number one destination for Biotechnology Education, to become world class facility for Biotechnology Research as well.


  • To provide students a unique learning experience in Science and Technology, that will best serve the world and betterment of mankind.
  • To promote research and consultancy activities in various areas of Biotechnology.
  • To foster international alliances and collaborative initiatives to achieve global excellence.
  • To promote greater competence in the development of effective, safe and cost-effective diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • To nurture individual faculty strengths and interests to develop value enhancing innovation.
  • To serve the society with utmost integrity, enthusiasm, diligence, dedication and a shared sense of purpose.

Our faculty members are richly experienced in advanced areas of Biotechnology; from molecular pathogenesis to mitochondrial diseases and stem cell technology to metabolic engineering based bioprocesses, and their research is internationally recognized. Their discoveries or new findings or innovative methods in the areas of infectious and non-infectious diseases, stem cell biology, bioprocess, drug discovery, food processes, nutraceuticals, and computational biology are funded to the extent of several Crores of rupees mainly by government agencies like DBT, DST and ICMR,UGC and MHRD and the outcomes are published in reputed international journals and the research output is applied for and converted as prototypes and products for commercialization.

The faculty members have either embarked from a Industrial background or after extensive post-doctoral experience abroad which gives a holistic experience and expertise to train the students.The Department is home to numerous patents in various disciplines and technology transfers.

This Center is a rewarding and inspiring environment with sustained growth and development which nurtures freedom, empowerment, creativity and innovation.