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Dr. Prince R. Prabhu

Visiting Faculty

Department of Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025

9444 852463



Degree Year University
Ph D (2006 – 12) Anna University,Chennai
M.Tech (2003 – 05) (Biotechnology) Anna University (Centre for Biotechnology),Chennai
M.B.A (2000 – 03) Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi (IGNOU),
B.Pharmacy (1995 – 99) Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Govt of Tamilnadu,(Vels College Of Pharmacy, Chennai, India)

Professional Research Experience

Faculty Guide for CTDT Funded Student project (Centre for Technology Development and Transfer, Anna University), “Local Anesthetic compound screening from Mosquitoes” (Mr.Sachin S.,Mr. Vinod G., Ms. Caru Priya), February – August, 2013.(Pros,No.2984/2013)
Professional Development Training Course Certification on “Experimental Techniques in Filariasis Research” conducted by (FR3) Filarial Reagent Resource Center, NIH funded, held at Univ. of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine, GA, USA (May 13th – 18th, 2013)
DAAD Fellow at Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Hamburg and DESY (German synchrotron facility) Hamburg, Germany (May – December, 2009)
DBT- Research Fellow (JRF/SRF) “Structural Elucidation and Immunoprophylactic Studies of Recombinant Parasitic Proteins for Therapeutic Intervention in Human Lymphatic Filariasis” at Anna University, (Ph. D Dissertation) (2005 – 2010)
“Enhancing The Efficacy of Single and Cocktail Recombinant DNA and Protein Vaccines Against Human Lymphatic Filariasis”, CBT, Anna University, (M Tech), 2006
“Gene Silencing for Therapeutic Intervention in Filariasis” - dissertation work submitted to Anna University, Chennai (Centre for Biotechnology) (M Tech), 2005
“Antifilarial Drug Discovery and Development”- dissertation work submitted to Anna University, Chennai (Centre for Biotechnology) (M Tech), 2004
“Molecular Biology Techniques in the Cloning of Filarial Protein Transglutaminase in E. Coli” – dissertation work submitted at Spic Bioprocess Lab, Centre for Biotechnology. Anna University, Taramani, Chennai. (M Tech), 2003
“A Study on (Geriatric Patients) Beneficiary Satisfaction in the Mobile Medicare Unit of HelpAge India - A Non-Profit Services Organisation for the Aged”. (Dissertation title, IGNOU, Delhi for M.B.A), 2002 - 2003
“Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical and Pharmacological Studies on the Leaves of Limnophyton obtusifolium”, Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, (B. Pharm Dissertation, 1999)

Teaching Employment Experience

Designation/Organization details Work details Duration
Visiting faculty (Full-time),Research/Teaching Fellow,Centre for Biotechnology,Anna University Research/ Teaching responsibilities in Immunology, Pharmacogenomics,Biostatistics, Pharmacology, Medicinal chemistry, Physical pharmacy,Anatomy& physiology; Practical classes in Molecular biology, Immunology, pharmcology Human physiology for B.Tech/M.Tech Since 2010 – Till date
Senior/Junior Research Fellow, Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University Immunopropylactic and drugs targeting studies in Human lymphatic filariasis, also conducted practical and relevant theory classes (Immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics) for BTech/MTechs (4 years)2005 – 2010
Clinical Research/ Community/Geriatric Pharmacy HelpAge India, Chennai Served as Geriatric Pharmacist in Mobile Medicare Unit for under-privileged elderly patients, handled responsibilities on Clinical research/dispensing; clinical research on patient compliance and drug efficacy. (2 years) 2001 – 2003
Faculty /Editor/Project coordinator–Medical Teaching (Lord School of Transcription Pvt.Ltd, Bharathi Medical transcriptions Pvt.Ltd Akashya telescribes Pvt.Ltd) Handled pharmacology, and medical subjects along with responsibilities as Project Coordinator and Editor in the field of Clinical Data management and Medical Transcription. (2 Years) 1999 – 2001

In-plant Training Details

• M/s Cassel Research Lab. Chennai, (May 1998), Training in the pharmaceutical manufacturing of tablets, capsules and quality control

• M/s Tablets (India) Ltd Chennai, (May 1997), Exposure to in-plant aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing (tablets, capsules, liquid orals, large and small volume parenterals) and quality control.

Special Interests/Responsibilities Undertaken

• Faculty Member, Syllabus Up-gradation Team [M.Tech, B.Tech (Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical technology)]

• Co-organising Secretary, 23rd National Congress on Parasitology (By Anna University, Chennai and Indian Society of Parasitology), 18th – 20th November, 2011

• Post Graduate – Student Coordinator – Tamilnadu Scientific Awareness Programme for school children as part of 31st Conference of Indian Immunology society, IIS-2004.

• Pharmatech, (Academic and cultural event, celebrated during National Pharmacy Week of Pharmacy Council of India ) - events organisation and souvenir preparation

• Class Representative- During Under Graduation (B.Pharmacy, 1995- 1999) and Post Graduation (M.Tech 2003 – 2005)

• Freelance Journalist– “Manimagudam” (Fortnightly Newspaper)

Research interests

• Immunotechnology (vaccine/diagnostics development)

• Immunopharmacology

• Structure Biology

• Genetic Engineering

• Recombinant protein production

Research Publications:

• Papers in International Journals: 14

• Papers in conferences -International:8

• Papers in conferences -National:7

• Patents applied:2

• Guided Dissertations : M.Tech – 10 and B.Tech - 10

Submitted PDB entries/Genbank Sequence

PDB Structure database:

• PDB ID – 4FYU : N.Yousef, Prince R. Prabhu, A.Ahmed, S.Iqbal, P.Kaliraj, C.Betzel : “Crystal structure of Thioredoxin from Wuchereria bancrofti at 2.0 A” RCSB 073523, 2012

• PDB ID – 3OHQ : Prince R. P, M.Sakthidevi, J.Madhumathi, M.Perbandt, C.Betzel, P.Kalira: “Structure of wuchereria bancrofti pi-class glutathione s-transferase” RCSB061130, 2010

Genbank Nucleotide database:

•GU596489 : Madhumathi J., Prince R. P, Yamuna K.M, Mahesh P. and Kaliraj P., Synthetic construct ALT epitope protein 1 gene , complete cds. “Mapping B epitopes and evaluation of recombinant epitope construct of Bm ALT-2 in experimental filariasis”, 2010.

• EU877233 : . Prince R. P, Jeya Prita P. J, Madhumathi J, and Kaliraj P.,Brugia malayi clone CBT_Shp1a (BmShp1a) mRNA, complete cds “Immunological studies of recombinant Brugia malayi Sheath Protein”, 2008

•HM590635 : Sakthidevi,M., Jeyanthi,N., Prabhu, P. R. and Kaliraj, P. Wuchereria bancrofti glutathione-S-transferase pi class (GST) gene, GST-2a allele, complete cds, “Genetic polymorphic studies of Wuchereria bancrofti parasite genes”, 2010.

•HM590636 : Sakthidevi,M., Jeyanthi,N., Prabhu,P. R. and Kaliraj, P. Wuchereria bancrofti glutathione-S-transferase pi class (GST) gene, GST-2b allele, complete cds, “Genetic polymorphic studies of Wuchereria bancrofti parasite genes”, 2010.

• HM590638 : Sakthidevi,M., Jeyanthi,N., Prabhu, P. R. and Kaliraj, P. Wuchereria bancrofti glutathione-S-transferase pi class (GST) gene, GST-2c allele, complete cds, “Genetic polymorphic studies of Wuchereria bancrofti parasite genes”, 2010

IEDB Epitope database:

• Reference ID: 1020928, Epitope ID: 136943; Madhumathi J, Prince PR, Anugraha G, Kiran P, Rao DN, Reddy MVR, Kaliraj P

• Reference ID: 1021236, Epitope ID: 138844; Madhumathi J, Prince PR, Nageswara Rao D, Kaliraj P

Technical Expertise in Research

•Molecular Biology & Genetic engineering: Plasmid and Genomic DNA Isolation, Restriction analysis of plasmid and genomic DNA, PCR, Primer designing, DNA Electrophoresis, PCR, Cloning in eukaryotic and prokaryotic expression vectors (pRSET, pVAX vectors), RTPCR, cDNA preparation and evaluation, TOPO cloning

•Structural biology and crystallography: DLS (dynamic light scattering ); crystallization studies – screening and optimization of crystallization conditions, Hanging drop vapour diffusion methods, Crystal screening by preliminary X-ray diffraction studies – bench top rotating anode at cryo and room temperature, X-ray diffraction data collection using synchrotron radiation at beam line, Processing of diffraction data (Mosflm), Structure elucidation (CCP4i suite, Pymol)

•Bioprocess Technology: Optimisation of conditions for growth and large-scale production of DNA vaccine and recombinant proteins. Recombinant protein expression in different E.coli hosts (GJ1158, BL21DE3, BL21Plys, TG2, TOP10), Pichia pastoris (X33). Protein Purification: FPLC, Ion-exchange chromatography, IMAC, SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE

•Immunology: PBMC, Spleenocytes proliferation, Preparation of Peritoneal exudates, Cytokine estimation(ELISA), Raising antibodies & purification, Western/Dot blotting, ELISA

•Microbiology and cell biology: Isolation and identification of Bacteria, Maintenance of bacterial cultures and Optimization of medium conditions, Maintenance of cell lines, Transfection of mammalian cells (CHO cell line), PBMC Isolation, proliferation and toxicity studies (MTT reduction assay)

•Animal Handling: Trained to handle Gerbils and BALB/c mice, Rabbit, for filarial protection studies (Micropore chamber preparation and implantation and parasite challenge studies), Rat and mice for inflammatory studies.

•Bioinformatics: DNA/ protein Sequence analysis (gene tool, clone manager), Multiple sequence alignment, BLAST tools, in-silico epitope prediction (DNA star)

Patents Filed:

• Indian Patent application No: 1367/CHE/2011 “Peptide immunogens of lymphatic filarial ALT-2 and lymphatic filarial vaccine composition comprising”- Madhumathi.J, Prince.R.Prabhu, Anugraha.G, Kaliraj.P. (Ref.No:E-12/102/2011-CHE).

• Indian Patent Apllication No: 1366/CHE/2011 “Dominant T epitope of filarial transglutaminase and chimeric peptide vaccines for lymphatic filariasis”- Madhumathi.J, Prince.R.Prabhu, Kaliraj.P. (Ref.No:E-12/103/2011-CHE).


  • Prince R Prabhu, Sakthi Devi Moorthy, Madhumathi Jayaprakasam, Markus Perbandt, Christian Betzel and Kaliraj Perumal; 2.3A; resolution X-ray structure of Glutathione Stransferase from the Nematode Parasite W. bancrofti, a therapeutic Target for Human Lymphatic Filariasis, Acta Crystallographica Section D, (Under review), 2014
  • Jeya Prita Parasurama Jawaharlal, Madhumathi Jayaprakasam, Prince R Prabhu and Kaliraj Perumal Repeat Region of Brugia malayi Sheath Protein (Shp-1) Carries Dominant B Epitopes Recognized in Filarial Endemic Population., Acta Parasitologica, (In Press), 2014
  • Arunkumar C, Prince RP, Pandiaraja P, Hoti S.L, Reddy M.V.R., Kaliraj P.;Immunological characterization of recombinant Wuchereria bancrofti cuticular collagen (COL-4) as putative vaccine candidate for human lymphatic filariasis, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, (In Press), 2014
  • Satya Narayan Pradhan, Prabhu Rajaiah Prince, Jeyaprakasam Madhumathi, Chakkaravarthy Arunkumar, Parimal Roy, Rangarajan Badri Narayanan Usha Antony. DNA vaccination with VP2 gene fragment confers protection against Infectious Bursal Disease Virus in Chickens. Veterinary Microbiology, 171; 25, 13–22, 2014
  • Prince P.R., Madhumathi J., Anugraha G., Jeyaprita P.J., Reddy M.V.R., Kaliraj P., “Tandem Antioxidant Enzymes Confer Synergistic Protective Responses in Experimental Filariasis”. Journal of Helminthology., doi:10.1017/S0022149X13000333, 2013.
  • Pradhan, S.N., Prince, P. R., Madhumathi, J., Roy, P.,Narayanan, R.B., Antony, U., Protective Immune Responses of Recombinant VP2 Subunit Antigen of Infectious Bursal DiseaseVirus in Chickens, Vet. Immunology and Immunopathology, 148, 293– 301, 2012
  • Madhumathi J, Anugraha G, Prince P.R and Kaliraj P., Proliferative responses of Brugia malayi TPX-1 and its epitopic peptide29–43 in an endemic population of human lymphatic filariasis, Microbes Infect., Vol.13, No.6, pp.602-606, 2011.
  • Madhumathi, J., Prince, R. P., Anugraha, G., Kiran, P., Rao, D.N., Reddy, M.V.R. and Perumal, K. “Identification and characterization of nematode specific protective epitopes of B.malayi TRX towards development of synthetic vaccine construct for lymphatic filariasis”, Vaccine., Vol. 28, No. 31, pp. 5038–5048, 2010.
  • Madhumathi, J., Prince, R. P., Rao, D.N. and Perumal, K. “Dominant T-cell epitopes of filarial BmALT-2 and their cytokine profile in BALB⁄c mice”, Parasite Immunol., Vol. 32, No. 11, pp. 760–763, 2010.
  • Madhumathi, J., Prince, R. P., Gayatri, S.C., Aparna., R. and Perumal, K. “Identification of a highly immunoreactive epitope of B.malayi TPX recognized by the endemic sera”, J. Parasitol., Vol. 96, No.6, pp. 1228-1229, 2010.
  • Madhumathi, J., Pradiba, D., Prince, R. P., Rao, D.N. and Perumal, K. “Crucial epitopes of Wuchereria bancrofti abundant larval transcript recognized in natural infection”, Eur. J. Clin. Microbiol. Infect. Dis., Vol. 29, No. 12, pp. 1481– 1487, 2010
  • Vanam, U., Prince, R. P., Pandey, V., Gajalakshmi, D., Reddy, M.V.R. and Perumal, K. “Immune responses generated by intramuscular DNA immunization of Brugia malayi transglutaminase (BmTGA) in mice”, Parasitol., Vol. 136, No. 8, pp. 887–94, 2009.
  • Vanam, U., Pandey, V., Prince, R. P., Gajalakshmi, D., Reddy, M.V.R. and Perumal, K. “Evaluation of Immunoprophylactic Efficacy of Brugia malayi Transglutaminase (BmTGA) in Single and Multiple Antigen Vaccination with BmALT-2 and BmTPX for Human Lymphatic Filariasis”, Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., Vol. 80, No. 2, pp. 319–324, 2009.
  • Anand, S. B., Vadivel, M., Prince, R. P., Veerabhadran, A., Reddy, M. V. R. and Perumal, K. “Comparison of Immunogenicity, protective efficacy of Single and Cocktail DNA vaccine of Brugia malayi Abundant Larval Transcript (ALT-2) and Thioredoxin peroxidase (TPX) in Mice” Acta. Tropica., Vol. 107, No. 2, pp. 106–118, 2008.
  • Anand, S. B., Gnanasekar, M., Thangadurai, M., Prince R. P., Kaliraj, P. and Ramaswamy, K. “Immune response studies with W.bancrofti Vespid Allergen Homologue (WbVAH) in human lymphatic filariasis”. Parasitol. Res., Vol. 101, No. 4, pp. 981–989, 2007.

Abstract Presentation

Abstract Presentation International Conferences

  • 16th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ICID), Cape Town, South Africa, April 2nd to 5th, 2014. Madhumathi J, Prince PR, Anugraha G, Rao DN, Reddy MVR, Kaliraj P. “Multi-epitope peptide vaccines for human lymphatic filariasis”.
  • ASTMH 2012 (61st Annual Meeting) Atlanta, Georgia USA (November 11-15, 2012) Prince R. Prabhu, Sakthi Devi, Madhumathi J, Kaliraj P, Christian Betzel – “Structural elucidation of Wucherria bancrofti glutathione-S-transferase by X-ray crystallography to evaluate its role as a therapeutic target for human lymphatic filariasis”
  • International conference on Environment, Genes, Health and Disease, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India,(EGHD 2011) December 9-11, 2011: List of Abstracts submitted:  Deeba Suganya, Prince. R. P., Anugraha G, Kaliraj P “ Insilico screening for therapeutic intervention in Human Lymphatic Filariasis using Glutathione - S- Transferase of nematodes”.  Anugraha G, G. Deeba Suganya, Prince. R. P, Kaliraj P “ Development of Wuchereria bancrofti Venom Allergen Homologue (VAH) structural model for characterization of Vaccine epitopes in Human Lymphartic Filariasis”.
  • International Conference on Genomic sciences and VII convention of the Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI)and Indo-Italian workshop on Industrial and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, November 12-14, 2010 Prince. R. Prabhu, Nasser Yousef, Madhumathi. J, Anugraha.G, Betzel. C., Kaliraj. P., "Structure elucidation studies on W. bancrofti Thioredoxin (WbTRX) – A therapeutic target for human lymphatic filariasis”
  • 4th International Symposium on Recent Trends in Macromolecular Structure and Function (ISRTMSF 2010) January 21 - 23, 2010  Prince R. Prabhu, Sakthi Devi, Anugraha, Madhumathi, Jeya Prita, Markus Perbandt, Christian Betzel, Perumal Kaliraj, Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of pi class glutathione S – transferase from human lymphatic filarial parasite Wucherria bancrofti
  • First International Symposium on Structural Systems Biology (CSSB-2009), September, 24- 25, 2009, Hamburg, Germany  Prince R. Prabhu, Madhumathi, Jeya Prita, Anugraha, Murray Selkirk, Perumal Kaliraj Clinical Immune responses to Brugia malayi major cuticular glycoprotein GP29 an immunoprophylactic target for human lymphatic filariasis
  • International conference on New Horizons in Biotechnology (NHBT – 2007) November 26-29, 2007, Trivandrumn, India, Prince R. Prabhu, Ruby, Ruchi Jha, Jeya Prita and P. Kaliraj, “Molecular cloning and characterization of Brugia malayi SHp-1 as vaccine candidate for lymphatic filariasis”
  • 56th Annual meeting of American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, November 4-8, 2007, Pennsylvania, USA, Uma V., Kaliraj Perumal, Gajalakshmi, Reddy M.V.R., Pandey Vivek and Prince Rajaiah Prabhu, “Multiple antigen vaccination studies with Brugia malayi transglutaminase (BmTGA), BmALT and BmTPX for human lymphatic filariasis”
Abstract Presentation National Conferences

  • National Conference on “The Role of Free Radicals In Health and Diseases” Organized by Department of Biochemistry, University of Madras, Guindy campus, Chennai, January 27-28, 2012 Sheeba, T., Prince, R. P., Anugraha, G., Jeya Prita, J., Madhumathi, J., Arun Kumar, C., Vipul Demla., Kaliraj, P – “Development of Bioassay for Evaluation of Filarial Thioredoxin”.
  • 23rd National congress on Parasitology, Anna University, Chenai, November 18-20, 2011: List of Abstracts Submitted:  Prince. R. P., Kaliraj. P., ““Structure Function Analysis of Filarial Thioredoxin (Wb-TRX) & the Role of Protective Epitopes in Enzyme Inhibition”.  Anugraha G, Sheeba T, Prince R P., Madhumathi J, Kaliraj P, “Immune responses of Filarial TRX-VAH fusion protein towards multiple vaccine development for human lymphatic filariasis”.
  • Society of biological chemists of India, 77th Annual Conference, (SBC77-2008) December 18-20, 2008, IIT, Chennai List of Abstracts submitted:  Prince.R.Prabhu, Mahesh, Anugraha.G, Madhumathi.J, Meenakshisundaram, P. Kaliraj “Evaluation of Large Scale purification strategies of recombinant (W. bancrofti Thioredoxin) Wb-TRX – a putative filarial drug target for structural studies”  Madhumathi.J, Prince.R. Prabhu, D.N.Rao, P.Kaliraj, “Identification of immunodominant T epitopes of filarial vaccine candidate B.malayi TGA in the regions non homologous to host proteins”  Jeya Prita .P.J, Prince.R. Prabhu, P.Kaliraj, “Cloning and Characterization of Filarial Sheath Protein (Shp-1) in E.coli”
  • 35th Indian Immunology Society of India Conference, IIS, Bhubaneshwar, Orrisa, India, December 12-14, 2008. List of Abstracts submitted:  Prince.R.Prabhu, Jeya Prita .P.J, Madhumathi.J, P. Kaliraj, “Dissecting Humoral Immune responses of filarial patients to recombinant Brugia malayi sheath protein (Shp1) for therapeutic and diagnostic intervention”  Madhumathi.J, Prince.R. Prabhu, Anugraha, D.N.Rao, P.Kaliraj, “Experimental determination of Putative T cell epitope of recombinant TPX forMulti-epitope Vaccine strategies against human lymphatic filariasis”
  • 33rd Indian Immunology Society of India Conference, (IMMCON – 2007), January 28-31, 2007, AIIMS, New Delhi, India S. B. Anand, Prince Rajaiah Prabhu, P. Kaliraj, V. Murugan, M. V. R. Reddy., ”Cytokine response studies to recombinant ALT-2 & VAH proteins in Human and experimental Filariasis”
  • 10th Annual Conference of Lymphology Society of India, (LymphoCon - 10) December 15-16, 2006, RMRC (ICMR) Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India. P. Pandiaraja, S. Thirugnanam, S. B. Anand, Prince Rajaiah Prabhu, V. Murugan, P. Kaliraj “Immunomolecular approaches for the development of Vaccines in the elimination of lymphatic filariasis”.
  • XVII All India Conference of Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association, Madurai, September 13-14, 1997 ” M. D. Dhanaraju, Prince Rajaiah Prabhu, T. J. Jayaprakash, S. K. Sridhar, Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry,: "Extraction of Active Principles from Azadirachta indica Leaves and Evaluation of its Antibacterial activity Vels College of Pharmacy, Chennai.

Participation in International/ National Conferences:

  • 6th International Symposium on Recent Trends in Macromolecular Structure and Function (ISRTMSF 2010) January 22 - 24, 2014
  • 8th International symposium on Vectors and Vector Borne Diseases, October 13-15, 2006, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India “Tropical diseases and Health” by Centre for Research in Medical Entomology (ICMR)
  • Path to Health – Biotechnology revolution in India, (BRSI) Second convention Biotech Research Society of India, CBT, Anna University, Chennai, November 24-26, 2005
  • 31st Annual Conference of Indian Immunology Society and Continuing Medical Education Programme”, CBT, Anna University, Chennai, December 15-18, 2004, “Trends in Infection Biology.
  • 50th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Golden Jublilee commemoration and 17th, Asian Congress of pharmaceutical Sciences, Bombay, December 10-13, 1998, Health care for Humanity through Pharmacists.
  • Trends in Biotech and Pharma Research, Chennai, 2002, MCCI – OPPI – INTERPAT
  • 48th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, “Pharmacist in tune with times” Chennai, December 25-27, 1996.

Awards & Honours

  • Science Grand Slam Award (German House of Research) DWIH (DFG-DAAD) (April 2013)(Jury & Audience award Winner)
  • Young Scientist Travel Award (American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene) ASTMH 2012 (61st Annual Meeting) Atlanta, Georgia USA (November 11-15, 2012)
  • DAAD Research Fellowship award by (German Academic Exchange Service) for research at University of Hamburg and DESY (synchrotron facility) (May – Dec 2009)
  • DBT-JRF/SRF Research Fellowship Award for (Ph. D), Department of Biotechnology, Govt.of India, (2005 – 2010) through BET (National Biotechnology Entrance Exam)
  • M.Tech (Biotechnology) Fellowship Award, through JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)National Entrance Exam, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India – (2003 - 05)
  • Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, 1999 (GATE '99), Govt. of India
  • Ekalavya award (Best Student Award) from Jaigopal Garodia Foundation (Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad), 1993
  • Best Student Award for securing state level rank in SSLC (Lions Club), 1993

Professional Memberships

  • Registered Pharmacist, State Pharmacy Council of India (No: 4568 A1)
  • Life Member, Indian Immunology Society


Visiting Faculty

Department of Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025


9444 852463