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Dr. S. Meenakshisundaram

Professor, Centre for Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025

044-22358365 / 09840348173



Sl No. Institution Degree Major Subject
1. Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Bharathiar University B.Tech Chemical Engineering
2. Anna University M.Tech Biotechnology
3. Anna University Ph.D Biotechnology

Present Position

Professor, Department of BioTechnology, Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai from December-2009.

Present Additional Responsibility

Dean, Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai from June-2018.
Coordinator, MHRD- Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Applications, Anna University, Chennai from July-2017.
Chief coordinator, University Innovation Cluster, Anna University, Chennai from July-2017.
Director, Centre for Food Technology, Anna University, Chennai.

Previous Positions

Assistant Professor, Department of BioTechnology, Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai during October-2008 and December-2009.
Assistant Professor, Department of BioTechnology, Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai during August-2003 and October-2008.
Guest Faculty, Department of BioTechnology, Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai during April-2002 and August-2003.

Previous Additional Responsibility

Deputy Coordinator, University Innovation Cluster, Anna University, Chennai during May-2014 and July-2017, Anna University, Chennai.

Other Employment

Senior Scientist, Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilisers Limited for 5.5 years.

Areas of Specialisation

• Bioprocess Engineering

• Recombinant protein production

• Metabolic Engineering

Research Guidance

• Ph.D. Supervisor Registration Number : 9950068

• Number of Ph.D Scholars Guided : 10

• Number of Ph.D Scholars Guiding : 10

• Number of M.S (By Research) Scholars Guided : 7

• Number of M.E./ M.Tech. Projects Guided : 25

• Number of M.E./ M.Tech. Projects Guiding : 3

Current Sponsored Projects

Title of the project Name of the funding Institution Duration Amount(Rs in lakhs )
Engineering Microorganisms for the production of Metabolites used in the Food Industries DBT May 2014 – Dec 2015 107.983
MHRD – Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Applications - one of the Investigators MHRD May 2013 – Dec 2015 400.00
University Innovation cluster at Anna University BIRAC - DBT April 2014 - Dec 2015 230.40
Regulation of Gene expression levels in P.pastoris by manipulation of transcription terminators CSIR June 2016 - May 2019 24.20
Metabolic engineering Pichia pastoris for the production of Glucaric acid DST SERB March 2017 - Feb 2020 45.23
Continuous cultivation expression of recombinant protein using yeast expression system and scaleup M/s Sudhin Biopharma April 2018 - April 2019 10.00

Sponsored Projects Completed

S.No Title of the project Amount (in Rs)
1. Recombinant production of CALB enzyme using P. pastoris and its immobilization for chiral conversion applications DBT Jan-2008 - Dec- 2010 2215000.00
2. Construction of a single-chain antibody fragment specific for WB-SXP1 and its expression in E.coli UGC Feb-2009 - Jan-2012 1009000.00
3. Process optimization of production of Lactic and gluconic acid by Fermentation M/s Global Calcium Private Limited, Hosur 300000.00
4. Fermentation studies on Seleno-methionine production M/s Kemin Asia Private Limited, Chennai 300000.00
5. Scale-up of Leather enzyme Protease production M/s Central Leather Research Institute 420000.00
6. Substrate affinity modification of PENG acylase M/s Fermenta Biotech Limited, Mumbai 300000.00
7. Recombinnt protein expression in P.pastoris M/s Sudhin Biopharma Nov-2015 - Nov-2016 900000.00


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Research Papers Published in National Journals : 1

  • Janardhan S, Srinivasa Babu K, Kaliraj P and Meenakshisundaram S, "“Optimization of media for expression and economic production of recombinant proteins of therapeutic and diagnostic interest in a novel osmotically inducible E.coli GJ 1158”", Research Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 2, pp. 49-55 (2007).

Papers Presented in Programmes

Research Papers Presented in International Programmes : 1

Research Papers Presented in National Programmes : 0

  • S.Meenakshisundaram M.Balamurali , "High yield production of pharmaceutically important S-Adenosyl L-methionine in P.pastoris-molecular and process approach" presented in a level conference on 3rd international congress on Bioprocess in Food Industries & 5th convention of the Biotech Research Society of India, organised by Osmania University, Hyderabad, India from 06-Nov-2008 to 08-Nov-2008.
  • S.Meenakshisundaram M.Balamurali and Ravikanth Harit, "Optimized Bioprocess for the fermentation production of nutritive metabolites" presented in a International level conference on 4th International congress on Bioprocess in Food Industries, organised by Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil from 05-Oct-2010 to 08-Oct-2010.

Programme Organized

  • Organiser, International level seminar on "Indo-UK seminar on Biotechnology Perspectives" from 13-Oct-2011 to 14-Oct-2011.
  • Chairman, National level conference on "Bioprocessing India 2015" from 17-Dec-2015 to 19-Dec-2015.

Programme Attended

  • Participated in a level conference on "4th BRSI Convention & International Conference on New Horizons in Biotechnology" organized by National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Trivandrum, India from 26-Nov-2007 to 29-Nov-2007.
  • Participated in a level workshop on "Workshop on Tools beyond the laboratory bench: International workshop on Scientific writing, IPR productization and research ethics " organized by Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University, India from 14-Dec-2009 to 19-Dec-2009.
  • Participated in a level conference on "IX Convention of BRSI & International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology" organized by Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India from 21-Nov-2012 to 23-Nov-2012.


  • "Technology Transfer Award" given by Anna University from India (2015).


Professor, Centre for Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025


044-22358365 / 09840348173