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Dr. Mathangi Ganapathy

Visiting Faculty, Centre for Bio Technology

Alagappa College of Technology

Anna University, Chennai 600025

044 - 2235 8395



Degree Year University Major Subject Studied
Ph D 1993-1999 Madurai Kamaraj University Development of transgenics in economically important crop plants
M. Sc. 1990-1992 Univ of Kerala. Genetics & Plant Breeding

Membership in Professional Organisations

Society for Biological Chemists
American Society for Plant Biologists
Society for Plant Biochemistry.
Reviewer for Advanced medicine an open access e journal

Core Area Of Expertise

• Plant biology and Plant physiology

• Plant Transformation

• Transgene integration and expression

• Recombinant protein expression in plants

• Nutraceuticals

A dissertation was carried out as part of MSc work entitled “Karyomorphological studies in a few species of Coix.Linn from South India

The major thrust areas in Research

Recombinant protein expression

• Creating an ideal plant platform for the expression of recombinant diagnostic and prophylactic proteins

• Find out the factors regulating transgene integration and expression

• Interaction between transgene and plant metabolism


• Overexpression and purification of nutraceuticals from plants

• Pathway modification

Plant tissue culture

• Clonal propagation of endangered and red book listed medicinal plants and isolation of medicinally important compounds from them

• Analysis of antioxidant activity of traditional medicinal plants


• Collaborating with Sugarcane Breeding Institute Coimbatore, an ICAR institute to create transgenic sugarcane plants expressing diagnostic and prophylactic proteins.

Research Publications

• National and International : 8

• Book Chapter : 1

• M.Tech thesis guided : 17

• B.Tech thesis guided : 13

• M.Tech current 2

• B.Tech current 7


  • Chandrapriya C, Anitha sree D, Mathangi Ganapathy (2019 ) Antiproliferative activity of aqueous extracts of Salacia oblonga , an endangered traditional medicinal plant Communicated.
  • Mathangi Ganapathy, C. Appunnu,* N.Subramonian *and P Kaliraj (2019) Cloning and Expression of Brugia malayi Abundant Larval Transcript-2 (BmAlt2), a potential filarial vaccine candidate expressed in transgenic sugarcane plants .(2019) Communicated
  • Rukmani Thiruppathi, Sachin Mishra, Mathangi Ganapathy, Parasuraman Padmanabhan and Balazs Gulyaz . Nanoparticle Functionalization and Its Potentials for Molecular Imaging ( 2017 ) Advanced Science 2017, 4 1600279 DOI: 10.1002/advs.20160027
  • Ganapathy, M and Bhunia,S (. 2016) Nutraceuticals: The New Generation Therapeutics Adv Tech Biol Med 2016, 4:2 http://dx.doi.org/10.4172/2379-1764.1000179
  • Ganapathy, M . (2016). Plants as bioreactors – A Review Adv Tech Biol Med 2016, 4:1 http://dx.doi. org/10.4172/2379-1764.1000161
  • Ganapathy ,M, Chakravarthy Mohan, Jason Charles, Harunipriya P, Jaiganesh S, Subramonian N, Kaliraj P ( 2014). Immunodiagnostic properties of Wucheraria bancrofti SXP-1, a potential filarial diagnostic candidate expressed In Tobacco plant , Nicotiana tabacum. Appl Biochem Biotechnol (2015) 176:1889–1903 DOI 10.1007/s12010-015-1685-0
  • Ganapathy, M, Adhiseshan, P, Chakravarthi,M, Harunipriya,P, Kaliraj, P.( 2014) Immunogenicity of Brugia malayi Abundant Larval Transcript-2, a potential filarial vaccine candidate expressed in tobacco. Plant Cell Rep 33:179–188.
  • Jeeva Jothi D , Mathangi Ganapathy (2011). Hepatoprotective effect of Cassia auriculata L Leaf Extracts On Carbon Tetra Chloride Intoxicated Liver Damage in Wistar Albino Rats Asian J of Biochemistry .6(1): 104-112.
  • A.K.Gupta, N. Anoop, A.Mushtaq, V. Mathangi (1999).Transgenic Legumes- A Mini Review JPAS Vol 1 27-34.
  • V. Mathangi A.K.Gupta (1993). Genetic Manipulation of the Plant Cell Biology Education July-September 140-146.

Book Chapter

Chapter 5 in Advances in Biotechnology Vol II an open access e book

Production of Recombinant Proteins from Plants - An Overview 2017 . Mathangi Ganapathy*; Perumal Kaliraj ISBN is 978-81-935757-0-3

Edited by

  • Asis Datta
  • Md Fakruddin
  • Hafiz Muhammad Nasir Iqbal
  • Jayanthi Abraham

Awards and recognitions

  • CSIR fellowship during Ph.D and CSIR lecturership

  • Granted WOS-A Woman Scientist fellowship for the period 2010-2013


Visiting Faculty, Centre for Bio Technology

Alagappa College of Technology

Anna University, Chennai 600025


044 - 2235 8395