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Prof. P. Kaliraj

ICMR Emeritus Medical Scientist

Former Interim Vice-Chancellor (Officiating) of Anna University

Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai 600025

94440 78778; 91766 78778

pkaliraj@gmail.com; pkaliraj@annauniv.edu


Degree Year University Major Subject Studied
Ph D 1981 Nagpur University, Maharashtra Biochemistry and Immunotechnology
M.Sc. 1976 University of Madras, Chennai Biochemistry
B. Sc. 1974 Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai Chemistry

Professional Certifications

1997 Certificate course on Technology Management, USA
1992 Certificate course on “in vitro cultivation of Brugia malayi and other filariadae”, Ministry of Health, Indonesia & WHO
1980 Diploma in Biomolecular Separations, Upsala, Sweden


Institution / Place Position From (Date) To (date)
Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University ICMR Emeritus Medical Scientist 15.12.2014 Till date
A. C. Tech, Anna University Emeritus Professor 05.06.2013 14.12.2014
Anna University Interim Vice-Chancellor (Officiating) 01.08.2012 27.05.2013
Anna University Member, Vice-Chancellor Convenor Committee June 2012 August 2012
Anna University Member, Ad-hoc Syndicate 2010 2012
A. C. Tech, Anna University Dean 2010 2012
Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University Director & Head of the Department 2008 2010
A. C. Tech, Anna University Dean 2007 2008
Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University Director & Head of the Department 1996 2002
Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University Professor (Faculty of Technology) 1994 2013
Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University Reader (Faculty of Technology) 1989 1994
Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University Visiting Faculty (Faculty of Technology) 1986 1989
Span Research Centre, Surat Research Director 1981 1986


Member, American Society for Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, USA
Member, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, UK
Member, International Society of Lymphology
Member, Indian Immunological Society
Member, Microbiologists Society of India
Member, Biochemical Society of India


• Ph.D. 41 Degree Awarded,

• M.S/M.Tech and B.Tech. 70 Dissertations

• Patents 3

• Products Commercialized 1

• Products Developed 2

• Publications 88 (International 76, National 12)

• Scientific abstracts/Proceedings in conference 70 (International 20, National 50)

• Book Chief Editor and contributing author Vol 7 Biotechnology (Science and Technology Encyclopedia series, Tamil version)


1. Involved as a member in planning and monitoring the execution and documentation of the following projects:

Title of Project Funding Agency Amount (Rs in Lakhs) Date of sanction and Duration
Lymphatic Filariasis: Protective immunity and impact of interrupted exposure on parasite burden and morbidity Schweizerischer National Funds - 1997- 2000
Recombinant filarial antigen and development of DNA vaccine for immune response studies AICTE 10.00 1997-2000
Developing downstream processing facility for large scale production of recombinant filarial protein AICTE 12.55 1998-1999
Molecular biology studies in Filariasis Indo US PL-480 34.72 1999-2001
Study of Recombinant antigen based protective immune response in experimental filariasis University Grant Commission 8.00 1999-2002
Development of Compact Disc (CD) as a cost effective and versatile platform for immunoassays for infectious diseases INCO DC 17.40 1999-2000
Immuno diagnosis of infectious Diseases UGC - DRS 43.00 2002-2007
Development of DNA vaccine for lymphatic filariasis DBT 14.07 2003-2006
Immuno prophylactic studies in Filariasis using recombinant parasitic enzymes, transglutaminase and Thioredoxin peroxidase ICMR 19.00 2003-2006
Immunoprophylactic studies in experimental filariasis using recombinant Parasitic Thioredoxin and a peptide (portion of nematode Thioredoxin) unique to the parasite CSIR 9.13 2004- 2007
Isolation and Evaluation of recombinant filarial antigen of diagnostic importance ICMR 5.16 2006-2008
Genetic Polymorphism of Wuchereria bancrofti parasitic gene ICMR 50.55 2006- 2009
Programme for Development & Productization of Diagnostics & Prophylactics for Neglected Infectious Diseases With Filariasis as Model DBT 455 2007 – 2012
Development of Multiple Antigen Vaccines for Lymphatic Filariasis UGC 14.91 2007 – 2010
Diagnosis and preventive vaccines and therapy for infectious diseases UGC-DRS Phase II 50.00 2008-2013
National network for genotyping of human lymphatic filarial parasites ICMR 6.00 2011-2013
Departmental Funds generated (as Director/HoD) (a)MTech Teaching Programme (b)DST FIST Programme (c)BTIS grant UGC - DRS Under Special Assistant Programme 500 (1996-2002/2008-2010)
Institutional Funds TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme) from World Bank & MHRD 520 2007 – 2008 2010 – 2012
Centre of excellence for training and research on biomedical application (as mentor) MHRD 100 2013-2018 (Yearly Renewable)


• Indian Patent No: 276679 “A bacterial lipid modification of a filarial protein to enhance the immunoprophylactic efficacy in humans and animals”.

• Indian Patent No: 275504 “Chimeric peptide vaccine for lymphatic filariasis”.

• Indian Patent No: 278637 “Immunogenic composition for lymphatic filarial vaccine”

Research Publications in accredited journals

  • Paul R, Sandeep J, Mahalakshmi N, Kaliraj P. Elucidation of Immunological response and its Regulatory Network by P-TUFT-ALT-2: A Promising Fusion Protein Vaccine for Human Lymphatic Filariasis. Royal Society Open Science, 2018. Accepted (Impact Factor: 2.243)
  • Jason Charles, Mahalakshmi N, Desai PK, Kaliraj P. Enhancing the sensitivity of ELISA using monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to rWbSXP1 antigen. Research Journal of Biotechnology, 2017. (Impact factor: 0.29)
  • Paul R, Saha G, Selvaraja V, Kaliraj P. Cloning, expression and characterization of Brugia malayi abundant larval protein Transcript-2 (BmALT-2) expressed in Pichia pastoris. Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment. 2017, 31 (2) (Impact factor: 1.059)
  • Christiana I, Aparnaa R, Rohit R, Rao DN, Kaliraj P. Effect of muramyl dipeptide and alum adjuvants on immunization with Filarial multi-antigen peptide vaccine in mice model. Helminthologia. 2016, 53(3) (Impact factor: 0.472)
  • Ravishankaran, Shridharan RN, Vishal LA, Karande AA, Kaliraj P. Evaluation of immunediagnostic assay for the exposure of stage specific filarial infection. Acta Parasitologica. 2016, 61(2) (Impact factor: 1.13)
  • Madhumathi J, Prince PR, Rao DN, Reddy MVR, Kaliraj P. Epitope mapping of Brugia malayi ALT2 and the development of a multiepitope vaccine for lymphatic filariasis. Journal of Helminthology, 91(1), 2016 (Impact factor: 1.42)
  • Kamatchi R, Charumathi J, Ravishankaran R, Kaliraj P, Meenakshi sundaram S. Construction and bacterial expression of a recombinant singlechain antibody fragment against Wuchereria bancrofti SXP1 antigen for the diagnosis of lymphatic filariasis. Journal of Helminthology. 2016, 90(1) (Impact factor: 1.42)
  • Anugraha G, Madhumathi J, Prince PR, Reddy MVR, Kaliraj P. Chimeric epitope vaccine from multistage antigens for lymphatic filariasis. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology. 2015, 82(4) (Impact factor: 2.256)
  • Ganapathy M, Chakravarthi M, Charles SJ, Subramonian, N, Kaliraj P. Immunodiagnostic Properties of Wucheraria bancrofti SXP1, a Potential Filarial Diagnostic Candidate Expressed in Tobacco Plant, Nicotiana tabacum. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 2015, 176(7) (Impact factor: 1.413)
  • Ramanathan A, Immanuel C, Rao DN, Kaliraj P. Dissecting the immune response elicited by WbALT2, ALT MAP in clinical populations and mouse model: a prophylactic measure against lymphatic filariasis. Lymphatic Research and Biology. 2015, 13(2) (Impact factor: 1.552)
  • Ravishankaran R, Radhika NS, Ansel Vishal L, Karande AA, Kaliraj P. An evaluation of antigen capture assays for detecting active filarial antigens. Journal of Helminthology. 2015, 89(3) (Impact factor: 1.42)
  • Anugraha G, Madhumathi J, Jeya Prita PJ and Kaliraj P. Biodegradable poly-l-lactide based microparticles as controlled release delivery system for filarial vaccine candidate antigens. European Journal of Pharmacology. 2015, 747: 174-180 (Impact Factor: 2.68).
  • Malathi B, Mona S, Thiyagarajan D and Kaliraj P. Immunopotentiating nano-chitosan as potent vaccine carter for efficacious prophylaxis of filarial antigens. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2015, 73:131-137 (Impact Factor: 3.10)
  • Ansel Vishal L, Nazeer Y, Ravishankaran R, Mahalakshmi N and Kaliraj P. Evaluation of Rapid Blood Sample Collection in the Detection of Circulating Filarial Antigens for Epidemiological Survey by rWbSXP-1 Capture Assay. PLoS ONE. 2014, 9(7): e102260 (Impact Factor: 3.534)
  • Jawaharlal JP, Madhumathi J, Prince RP and Kaliraj P. Repeat region of Brugia malayi sheath protein (Shp-1) carries Dominant B epitopes recognized in filarial endemic population. Acta Parasitologica. 2014, 59 (3): 454-458 (Impact Factor: 1.144)
  • Natarajan Mahalakshmi, Aparnaa Ramanathan and Kaliraj P. Evaluation of immune response elicited by inulin as an adjuvant with filarial antigens in mice model. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology. 2014, 80(4): 261-270 (Impact Factor: 2.199)
  • Sakthidevi M, Hoti SL and Kaliraj P. Functional analysis of a highly conserved abundant larval transcript-2 (alt-2) intron 2 repeat region of lymphatic filarial parasites. Infection, Genetics & Evolution. 2014, 24: 177-182 (Impact Factor: 3.264)
  • Aparnaa R, Mahalakshmi N, Harini A, Jeyaprita PJ, Anugraha G, Amdare NP, Khatri VK, Reddy MV and Kaliraj P. Wuchereria bancrofti 20/22 a homologue of abundant larval transcript L3 stage filarial antigen: molecular and immunological characterization. Parasite Immunology. 2014, 36 (10): 475- 484 (Impact Factor: 1.849)
  • Ravishankaran R, Radhika NS, Vishal LA, Meenakshisundaram S, Karande AA and Kaliraj P. An evaluation of antigen capture assays for detecting active filarial antigens. Journal of Helminthology. 2014, 2: 1-7 (Impact Factor: 1.303)
  • Jeya Prita Parasurama Jawaharlal, Rajendran Ravishankaran, Radhika Nagamangalam Shridharan, Ansel Vishal Lawrence, Anjali Anoop Karande and Kaliraj P. Evaluation of Brugia malayi sheath protein (Shp-1) as a diagnostic antigen for human lymphatic filariasis. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease. 2014, 78(3): 249-254 (Impact Factor: 2.568)
  • Aparnaa Ramanathan and Kaliraj Perumal. Immunomodulation of ALT-2 and TLR may collude in antigen specific T cell hyporesponsiveness: proposed mechanism for elevated IL-10 levels in Balb/C mice. Acta Parasitologica. 2014, 59(1): 25-30 (Impact Factor: 1.144)
  • Chakkaravarthy Arunkumar, Chakkaravarthy Arunkumar, Pandurangan Pandiaraja, P. R. Prince, Perumal Kaliraj. Immunological characterization of recombinant Wuchereria bancrofti cuticular collagen (COL-4) as putative vaccine candidate for human lymphatic filariasis. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine. 2014, 412-420 (Impact Factor: 0.672)
  • Moorthy Sakthidevia, Prince Rajaiah Prabhua, Swati Chowdharya,Sugeerappa Laxmanappa Hotib, Perumal Kaliraj. Functional analysis of genetic polymorphism in Wuchereria bancroftiglutathione S-transferase antioxidant gene: Impact on proteinstructure and enzyme catalysis. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology. 2013, 192: 10-20 (Impact Factor: 2.243)
  • Anugraha G, Madhumathi, Prince R P, Jeya Prita, Kaliraj P. Molecular Characterisation of VAH-TRX fusion protein for immunoporphylactic potential in lymphatic filariasis, Acta Parasitologica. 2013, 58(4):468-477 (Impact factor: 0.965)
  • Natarajan Mahalakshmi, Ramanathan Aparnaa, Lawrance Ansel Vishal and Perumal Kaliraj. Molecular characterization and evaluation of Onchocerca volvulus-secreted larval acidic protein 1 (SLAP1) as a putative vaccine candidate on endemic population of lymphatic filariasis, Parasitology Research. 2013, 112(9): 3203-3211 (Impact Factor: 2.852)
  • P.R.Prince, J. Madhumathi, G. Anugraha, P.J. Jeyaprita, M.V.R. Reddy and P. Kaliraj. Tandem antioxidant enzymes confer synergistic protective responses in experimental filariasis. Journal of Helminthology. 2013, 1-9 (Impact Factor: 1.303)
  • Sam Sharmila, Immanuel Christiana, Pote Kiran, Maryada V R Reddy, Krishnan Sankaran, Kaliraj P. Bacterial lipid modification enhances immunoprophylaxis of filarial Abundant Larval Transcript-2 protein in Mastomys model. Parasite Immunology. 2013, 1-13 (Impact Factor: 1.849)
  • Rohit Sharma, S. L. Hoti, R. L. Meena, V. Vasuki, T. Sankari, Kaliraj P. Molecular and functional characterization of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) homolog of human from lymphatic filarial parasite Wuchereria bancrofti. Parasitology Research. 2012, 111:2035–2047 (Impact Factor: 2.852)
  • Setty Balakrishnan Anand, Vasudevan Rajagopal and Perumal Kaliraj. Brugia malayi thioredoxin peroxidase as a potential vaccine candidate antigen for lymphatic filariasis. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 2012, 167:1351-1364 (Impact Factor: 1.893)
  • Sharmila S, Christiana I, Kiran P, Reddy M V R, Kaliraj P. The adjuvant-free immunoprotection of recombinant filarial protein Abundant Larval Transcript-2 (ALT-2) in Mastomys coucha and the immunoprophylactic importance of its putative signal sequence, Experimental Parasitology. 2011, 129:247–253 (Impact Factor: 2.122)
  • Anand S. B, Kodumudi, K.N, Reddy M.V, and Kaliraj P. A combination of two Brugia malayi filarial 2 vaccine candidate antigens (BmALT-2 and BmVAH) enhances immune responses 4 and protection in jirds. Journal of Helminthology. 2011. 85:442-452 (Impact Factor: 1.38)
  • Vivek Pandey, Jayaprakasam Madhumathi, Anjali A. Karande, Kaliraj P. Antigen detection assay with parasite specific monoclonal antibodies for diagnosis of lymphatic filariasis, Clinica Chimica Acta. 2011. 412:1867–1873 (Impact Factor: 2.535)
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  • Janardhan S, Pandiaraja P, Vivek Pandey, Anjali Karande and Kaliraj P. Development & characterization of monoclonal antibodies against WbSXP-1 for the detection of circulating filarial antigens. J. Helminth. 2010, 85:1-6 (Impact Factor: 1.544)
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  • Madhumathi J, Prince PR, Anugraha G, Kiran P, Rao DN, Reddy MV, Kaliraj P. Identification and characterization of nematode specific protective epitopes of Brugia malayi TRX towards development of synthetic vaccine construct for lymphatic filariasis. Vaccine. 2010, 28:5038–5048 (Impact Factor: 3.572)
  • Madhumathi J, Prince P, Rao D N, Kaliraj P. Dominant T cell epitopes of filarial Bm ALT-2 and their cytokine profile in Balb/c mice. Parasite Immunology. 2010, 32:760-763 (Impact Factor: 2.357)
  • Madhumathi J, Prince PR, Gayatri SC, Aparnaa R. and Kaliraj P. Identification of a highly immunoreactive epitope of B.malayi TPx recognized by the endemic sera. Journal of Parasitology. 2010, (Impact Factor: 1.208)
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  • Anand S. B, Murugan. V; Prince R P, Anandharaman V; Reddy M V R; Kaliraj P. Comparison of Immunogenicity, protective efficacy of Single and Cocktail DNA vaccine of B. malayi abundant larval transcript (ALT-2) and thioredoxin (TPX) in Mice. Act. Trop. 2008. 107(2):106-112 (Impact Factor: 1.707).
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  • Setty Balakrishnan Anand, MunirathinamGnanasekar, Mani Thangadurai, Prince R. P, Kaliraj P and Ramaswamy K. Immune response studies with Wuchereria bancrofti vespid allergen homologue (WbVAH) in human lymphatic filariasis, Parasitol. Res. 2007. 10.1007/s00436-007-0571-2 (Impact Factor: 1.437)
  • Sasisekhar B, Aparnaa M, Augustin DJ, Kaliraj P, Kar SK, Nutman TB and Narayanan RB. Diminished Monocyte function in microfilaremic patients with lymphatic filariasis and its relationship to altered lymphoproliferative responses. Infect. Imm. 2005.Vol. 73(6): 3385 –3393 (Impact Factor: 4.004)
  • Gnanasekar M, Rao KVN, Mishra PK, Kaliraj P et al. Novel pahge display-based subtractive screening to identify vaccine candidates of Brugia malayi. Infection and immunity. 2004, 72(8): 4707-4715 (Impact Factor: 4.004)
  • Nookala S, Srinivasan S, Kaliraj P, Narayanan RB, Nutman TB. Impairment of tetanus-specific cellular and humoral responses following tetanus vaccination in filariasis. Infect. and Immun. 2004, 72 (5):2598-2604 (Impact Factor: 4.004)
  • Lammie PJ, Gary W, Rahmah N, Kaliraj P, et al “Recombinant antigen-based antibody assays for the diagnosis and surveillance of lymphatic filariasis – a multicenter trial” Fil. J 2004.3(9): 1-5 (Impact Factor: 1.371)
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  • Kaliraj P, Rao KN, Harinath BC and Ghirnikar SN. Immunization studies in rabbits with human-filarial parasite. Indian J Exp Biol. 1978, 16: 994-995 (Impact Factor: 0.93)

Collaborations with International Institutions and Industries

  • Dr. Christian Betzel - University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Dr. Murray Shelkrik, Imperial College, London
  • Dr. Eric A Ottesan, Emory Institute – WHO filarial programme USA
  • Dr. Steeves Williams –Smiths College, Northampton, USA
  • Dr. Alan Scott-Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
  • Dr. Kapil Mehta – M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Institute, Houston, USA
  • Dr. Ramaswamy – University of Illinois, Rockford, USA
  • Dr. John Kussel – Glasgow University, UK
  • Dr. Mark Blaxter – University of Edinburgh UK
  • Dr. Andreas Ruppel – University of Heidelberg, German
  • Dr. James McCarthy – University of Fermentile, Australia
  • Dr. Michael Duzeingo - University of Tubingen, Germany
  • Dr. Rick Maizel- University of Edinburg. UK


  • Senior Scientist Oration award by Indian Immunology Society, 2013
  • Life time Achievement award by Biotechnology Research Society of India, 2013
  • Dr. B.N.Singh Memorial Oration award by Indian Parasitology Society, 2011
  • Dr.B.P.Pandey Memorial Oration award (Indian Parasitology society) 2010
  • BRSI Industrial medal of Biotechnology Research Society of India, 2003
  • Prof. B.K.Aikat Oration award by Indian Council for Medical Research, 2002
  • Fellow, National Academy of Biological Sciences, 2008
  • Fellow, Biotechnology Research Society of India, 2009

Rapid flow-through diagnostic kit for filariasis detection

Filariasis as a chronic health problem of our country in which neither the pharmaceutical industry nor the developed countries are interested. Sustained research on the molecular pathogenesis and genomics on this important disease, which affects millions in our country, has led to the development of a two-minute detection kit, which is being commercialized by Ms. Span diagnostics, Surat. This was achieved with years of international and national collaborations like Indo-US PL480 programme and industrial collaborations in which Ph.D. students were trained in advanced techniques and international quality work was published in reputed scientific journals as mentioned below.

Since early diagnosis and vaccination are the successful national programmes to fight infectious diseases as a partner of WHO-sponsored filarial genome project involving 6 countries the entire genome of the filarial parasite has been sequenced and 15 molecules of diagnostic and prophylactic importance were identified. These contributions have been duly recognized by WHO and enabled to receive an invitation from WHO, as an expert to discuss on the development of a diagnostic tests for filariasis in the meeting at Denver, USA in Nov 2002 and selected our diagnostic kit for multi-centre evaluation for global screening and received excellent comments from WHO. The product has been commercialized after Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr. Kapil Sibal, launched the product on DBT Founder’s Day in April 2007. Now the product has been licensed by Drug Controller of State of Gujarat, Several lakhs of this kit has been sold in Indian and African markets in short time.

Owing to the success of this approach of translating basic scientific knowledge into technological products useful to society and its effectiveness in combating infectious diseases, DBT has granted Rs. 4.5 crores in programme support under Centre for Excellence in Biotechnology to develop platform for Diagnostic products and efficacious vaccines.


  • Coordinator Biotechnology National Entrance Examination – 1995 to 2002
  • Coordinator UGC-sponsored Special Assistance Programme since 2001
  • Coordinator DBT-sponsored M.Tech. Biotechnology programme – 1995-2002
  • Coordinator DBT-sponsored BTIS programme – 1995-2002
  • Coordinator FIST programme of DST, 2000-2002
  • UGC Nominee for Joint Task Force Committee of DBT and UGC on Manpower Development, 1998
  • Member Task Force Committee of DBT, New Delhi, 1999-2002
  • Expert committee member of project monitoring, DSA, COSIST programmes of UGC, 1995 onwards
  • Expert committee member of AICTE Human Resource Development 2002
  • Member of Selection Committee, Executive Committee, Board of Studies, Academic Council of many Universities and Institutions such as Anna University, University of Madras, Cochin University, Bharathidasan University, Bharathiyar University, Tamil Nadu Veterinary University, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Pondicherry University, Indian Institute of Sciences
  • Advisory Committee member of various educational institutions offering Biotechnology programme at UG and PG level
  • AICTE Accreditation expert committee member
  • Expert committee member of WHO high power committee meeting on developing diagnostic test for filariasis, Denver, USA, Nov.2002
  • Expert committee member on Natural Products in Developing Countries, UNESCO, Nairobi, 1993
  • High power committee member of Technology Incubator Park of Govt. of Tamil Nadu, since 2000
  • Coordinator of UNDP-DST-sponsored technology business incubator
  • DBT Nominee to monitor the Bio-safety Committee of M.K.University, Madurai 1995- onwards
  • DBT Nominee to monitor the Bio-safety Committee of University of Madras, Chennai
  • Member of Research Advisory Committee (RAC), Span Research Centre, Surat, Gujarat
  • Since 2004 – ICMR Task Force Member of Molecular Biology of Filariasis
  • Member of high power Committee constituted by Govt. Tamil Nadu for establishing Biotechnology Park in Tamil Nadu
  • Governing Council member of TICEL BioPark
  • Member of the Woman Biotechnology Park
  • BTIS NET Coordinator for Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University


ICMR Emeritus Medical Scientist, Former Interim Vice-Chancellor (Officiating) of Anna University

Centre for Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025

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