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Ms. Harini.K.

Teaching Fellow, Centre for Food Technology

Anna University, Chennai 600025



Degree Year University Major Subject Studied
Ph D 2015 – present A.C. Tech, Anna University, Chennai Food Technology
M. Tech 2012 – 2014 SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai Food and Nutritional Biotechnology - Food Process Engineering
B. E 2007-11 CEG, Anna University, Chennai Agriculture and Irrigation Engineering


June 2014 To Present Teaching Fellow, Centre for Food Technology, Anna University, Chennai
June 2011 To June 2012 Design Engineer,Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, Tamilnadu

Other Professional Experience

Trained in ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Management System) - Internal Auditor
Trained in “Quality control of Finished Products” at Hatsun Agro Products., Chennai
Trained in “Process and preservation of fat and oil” at Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Ltd., Chennai
Trained in the “Quality Assurance of Raw materials & Finished Products” at Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Attended Short term training at Britannia, Chennai
Attended Short term training at Aavin, Chennai

Research Interest

• Food process engineering

• Active Food Packaging

• Advances in Food engineering and Food Preservation

• Postharvest Technology.

Research Guidance

• Guided: M.Tech and B.Tech - 4 Dissertations

• Faculty Guide for CTDT Funded Student project (Centre for Technology Development and Transfer, Anna University), “Formulation and Evaluation of Oral Disintegrating Film using a Natural Ingredient against Dental Caries” (Ms. V.Ramya, Ms.S.Yamini and Mr. S. Ranjith Kumar), July2018 – Jan, 2019.(Pros,No.347/2018)

• Faculty Guide for CTDT Funded Student project (Centre for Technology Development and Transfer, Anna University), “Valorization of In-Utilities to Biodegradable Packaging of Highly Perishable Products- A Shelf Life Study”, July 2019 – Jan 2020 .(Pros,No. P-1819S4166)

Research Activities

• Design of a Perm-Selective package for extending shelf life of high fat food.

• Effect of sonication of shelf life extension of milk and milk products.

• Preparation and Characterization of Bioactive Film for Food Packaging.

• Development of Active Packaging for Shelf Life Extension of Food Products.

• Shelf life extension of Butter and Orange Juice using Cellulose based packaging film.

• In-Vitro Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, Biochemical Composition and Quality Assessment of Muskmelon Seeds and Development of Muskmelon Seed Biscuit”.

• Effect of Sewage Sludge Addition on Soil Properties and Growth Response of Okra and Spinach.


• International Association of Engineers (IAENG)

• Society of Chemical Industries (SCI)

• Association of Food Scientists and Technologies (India) (AFSTI)

• Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society

• Society of Agricultural Research and Social Development


• Journal of Advances in Biotechnology


  • Quorum quenching effect and kinetics of active compound from S. aromaticum and C. cassia fused packaging films in shelf life of chicken meat, C. ChandraMohan, K.Harini, K.Sudharsan, K. Radha Krishnan, M.Sukumar (2019), LWT – Food Science and Technology
  • Development of Cellulose-based Migratory and Non migratory Active Packaging Films, Harini K, M.Sukumar (2018), Carbohydrate Polymer, 204, 202-213
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  • Extraction of nano cellulose fibers from the banana peel and bract for production of acetyl and lauroyl cellulose, K. Harini, K. Ramya, M. Sukumar (2018), Carbohydrate Polymer, 201, 329-339
  • K. Harini, C. Chandra Mohan, K. Ramya, S. Karthikeyan, M. Sukumar (2018), Effect of Punica granatum peel extracts on antimicrobial properties in Walnut shell cellulose reinforced Bio-thermoplastic starch films from cashew nut shells, Carbohydrate Polymer, 184, 231-242. (Impact Factor – 4.8)
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  • M Sivarajan, U Lalithapriya, Peter Mariajenita, B Aafrin Vajiha, K Harini, D Madhushalini, M Sukumar (2017), Synergistic effect of spice extracts and modified atmospheric packaging towards non-thermal preservation of chicken meat under refrigerated storage, Poultry Science, Pages 2839–2844. (Impact Factor – 1.908).
  • Harini Krishnamachari, Nithyalakshmi V (2017), Phytochemical Analysis and Antioxidant Potential of Cucumis Melo Seeds, Int. J. Life. Sci. Scienti. Res., 3(1): 863-867.


  • Chapter on “Packaging Design and Equipment’ at “A Textbook of Food Packaging Techniques”, ISBN: 9788193706510, 1stEdition.


Teaching Fellow, Centre for Food Technology

Anna University, Chennai 600025