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Dr. Pennathur Gautam

Professor, Centre for Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025



Degree Year University Major Subject Studied
Ph D 1989 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Inorganic & Physical Chemistry , Studies on Porphyrins & Their Metalloderivatives , Advisor: Prof. V. Krishnan
M. Sc. 1981 Vivekananda College, University of Madras Chemistry
B. Sc. 1979 Vivekananda College , University of Madras Major: Chemistry, Minor: Physics & Chemistry

Positions Held– Academic

2004– till date Professor, Chemical Biology & Computational Biology, Anna University
1996–2004 Assistant Professor, Chemical Biology & Computational Biology, Anna University
1993–96 Visiting Faculty, Bioorganic Chemistry, Anna University, Chennai
1992–93 Post Doctoral Fellow, Time–Resolved Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules, Centre for Fast Kinetics Research University of Texas Austin
1989–92 Research Associate, Time–Resolved EPR Spectroscopy of Biradicals. Advisor: G.L. Closs, Department of Chemistry , University of Chicago
03.07.1981 to 04.08.1998 Research Associate, Time–Resolved EPR Spectroscopy of Biradicals. Advisor: G.L. Closs, Department of Chemistry , University of Chicago

Positions Held–Administrative

2016 – Present Director AU - KBC Research Centre, Anna University
2013 – 2016 Head, Department of Biotechnology, Anna University
2008 - 2013 Chairperson, Faculty of Technology, Anna University

Present Position of Former Group Members

Name Area of Work Position Affliation
Dr. B.S.Lakshmi Bioorganic Chemistry Associate Professor Centre for Food Technology, Anna University
Dr. V.Anuradha Proteomics Post–Doctoral Fellow University of Michigan, U.S.A
Dr. Ramalingam. S Bioprocess Technology Associate Professor Centre for Biotechnology Anna University
Dr. Sharmila Anishetty Computational Biology Assistant Professor Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University
Dr. Jayant James Molecular Simulations Post–Doctoral Fellow Fox Chase Institute, U.S.A
Dr. Richard . W Metal Resistant Microorganisms Assistant Professor SRM University, Chennai
Dr. Kavitha R Enzyme Technology Scientist E. Merck, U.S.A
Dr. S. Karthikeyan Genomics & Proteomics Head Bioinformatics Positive Biosciences , Mumbai
Dr. C. S. Latha Industrial Microorganisms Research Associate, DBT Anna University Chennai
Dr. K. S. Vinod Pharmaceutical Chemistry Reseach Scientist Chemicals
Dr. R. Kaushik Food Technology Senior Consultant Giract Consultantcies
Dr. A. Nandhini Enzyme Technology Analyst Frost & Sullivan.
Dr. M. Saminathan Enzyme Technology Post–Doc University of Illinois , USA
Dr. Vinatha Krishna Molecular Simulations DBT , Post-Doc Anna University Chennai
Dr. V. Sujatha Science Communication Analyst Frost & Sullivan
Dr. J. Narayanan Nanobiology Senior Scientist Sankar Netralaya
Dr. K. S. Senthil Protein Purification Post–doc University of Florida, USA
Dr. K. Thirumalaimuthukumaresan Protein Purification Research Associate Evolvo Biosciences
Dr. T.Kothai Molecular Simulations Member–Research Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University
Dr. G. Nandhini Devi Environmental Biotechnology Associate Professor Centre for Food Technology , Anna University
Dr. N. Velu Enzyme Technology Administrative Staf Department of Mechanical Engineering, Anna University
Dr. Abhilash Computational Biology Post–Doc I.I.Sc
Dr.K. Divakar Enzyme Technology DST - INSPIRE Faculty NIT Warangal
Dr. Ashwin. K Biofilms Assistant Professor VNIT, Nagpur

Graduate Students ( Ph.D )

Name Degree Year Area of Work Thesis Title
Dr.B.S.Lakshmi Ph.D 2000 Lipases and Monooxygenases Studies on Candida rugosa Lipase and its Stereospecificity towards Resolution of Racemic Ibuprofen
Dr.V.Anuradha Ph.D 2004 Metal Resistant Microorganisms Studies on Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and Serratia Marsescens on their Metal Affinity and Pigment Secretion
Dr.Ramalingam. S Ph.D 2005 Bioprocess Technology Bioprocess Strategies for Enhanced Production of Recombinant Streptokinase in E.coli
Dr.Sharmila Anishetty Ph.D 2005 Computational Biology & Molecular Modeling Studies on Protein structure: Tripeptide Analysis and its Application
Dr.Jayant James Ph.D 2005 Molecular Simulations Studies on Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Lipases
Dr.Richard .W Ph.D 2005 Metal resistant Microorganisms Studies on Microbial Leaching of Lignite using Bacillus cereus & Acidothiobacillus Ferrooxidans
Dr. Kavitha R Ph.D 2006 Secretion of Lipases Studies on Lipase Production by Candida rugosa using Oil Seeds as Substrates
Dr. C. S. Latha Ph.D 2008 Secretion of Lipases & Molecular Dynamics Simulations Studies on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lipase : Secretion & Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Dr. S. Karthikeyan Ph.D 2008 Genomics Studies on Landscape Elements in Genomic DNA
Dr. K. S. Vinod Ph.D 2008 Pharmaceutical Chemistry Studies on Embedded Tamarind Seed Polysacharride Matrices
Dr. R. Kaushik Ph.D 2009 Food Technology Studies on Isolaton of Steveoside
Dr. A. Nandhini Ph.D 2009 Industrial Microbiology Studies on Lipase from Serratia Marcasens
Dr. M. Saminathan Ph.D 2009 Industrial Enzymes Studies on Esterase from Lysinbacillus sphaericus
Dr. Vinatha Krishna Ph.D 2009 Molecular Simulations Studies om Molecular Dynamics of N-Acetytransferase
Dr. J. Narayanan Ph.D 2010 Nanobiotechnology Studies on Rhamnolipid from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its Applications
Dr. V. Sujatha Ph.D 2010 Bioanalysis Studies on Metal Tolerant Bacteria & Applications of Porphyrin Derivatives
Dr. K. Senthil Kumar Ph.D 2011 Molecular Biology Studies on Mercury Transporter (merT)and Mercury Reductase (merA) Proteins
Dr. K. T. Kumaresan Ph.D 2011 Industrial Enzymes Studies on Lipases from Aeromonas veronii PG01
Dr.Sharmila Anishetty Ph.D 2005 Computational Biology & Molecular Modeling Studies on Protein structure: Tripeptide Analysis and its Application
Dr. Deepa Priya Ph.D 2012 Industrial Enzymes Studies on protease from Bacillus megatarium
Dr. T. Kothai Ph.D 2012 Molecular Simulations Studies on understanding domain movements and interaction of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lipase, Rhizomucor miehei lipase and Candida rugosa lipase with a lipid molecule: A Molecular Dynamics Approach
Dr. G. Nandhini Devi Ph.D 2013 Industrial Enzymes Studies on Production , Purification and Characterization of Lipase from Acenitobacter sp. AU07
Dr. N. Velu Ph.D 2013 Industrial Enzymes Studies on Isolation , Production , Purification and Characterization of Lipase from Aeromonas caviae AU04
Dr. Abhilash. M Ph.D 2014 Computational Biology Studies on the Application of Machine Learning Algorithms in Computational Biology
Dr. K. Divakar Ph.D 2014 Bioprocess Studies on esterase from Lysinibacillus fusiformis and substrate selectivity analysis of lipases/esterases
Dr. Divya Rao Ph.D 2014 Nanobiology Studies on synthesis and characterization of gold and semiconductor nanoparticles using Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Dr. M. Priyadharshini Ph.D 2014 Computational Biology Studies on periplasmic chaperone lolA and outer membrane protein lolB in E.coli an analysis of lipoprotein interactions leading to identification of inhibitors: A molecular dynamics and in-silico study
Dr. G. PanneerselvamM Ph.D 2015 Microbiology Studies on Isolation, Production and Purification of Lipase from Acinetobacter radioresistens AU06

Post-Graduate Students ( M.S )

Name Degree Year Area of Work Thesis Title
T. Kothai M.S 2006 Molecular Simulations Analysis of Lipase Sequences in Terms of Tripeptides
Ashwin K M.S 2008 Biochemical Engineering A Study of the Extractive Fementation of Esterase from Bacillus sp. Using Aqueous Two Phase Systems
K. Divakar M.S 2010 Industrial Microbiology Studies on Extracellular Protease Isolated from Aeromonas veronii
Abhinaya Sindhu M.S 2011 Biofilms Studies on EPS Characterstics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms Grown in different Metal fatty Acid Medium
N. Vijina M.S 2012 Nanobiology Studies on Phosphorylated Rhamnolipids

Grant and Contract Support: Ongoing Projects

Agency Title Year Grant
Department of Biotechnology Foldscope 2018-19 Rs. 8,00,000/-

Grant and Contract Support: Completed Projects

Agency Title Year Grant
Department of Biotechnology Systems Approach to understand Quorum sensing in Serratia marsescens PI : P. Gautam , Co–PI Sharmila Anishetty 2013–16 Rs. 88,00,000/-
University Grants Commission Computer Simulation of DNA 1998–01 Rs. 4.00,000/-
Department of Science Biomolecular Dynamics: Simulation of Lipases in Aqueous nad Non-aqueous solvents 1999-02 Rs. 13,00,000/-
Department of Biotechnology α/β Fold Prediction of Lipases 2001-04 Rs. 12,00,000/-
Department of Science & Technology Biosurfactant Production PI: P. Gautam, Co–PI: V. Murugan 2005-09 Rs. 25,48,000/-
Department of Science & Technology Nanotechnology PI‘: P. Gautam, Co–PI’s: Sharmila Anishetty, R. B. Narayanan, B.S. Lakshmi 2006-09 Rs. 1,00,07,000/-
Department of Biotechnology Detection of Rice Tungro Virus PI: P. Gautam, Co–PI: P.V. Ramakrishna 2007–10 Rs. 55,00,000/-
Department of Science & Technology Biofilm Formation PI: P. Gautam, Co–PI: B. S. Lakshmi 2009–12 Rs. 39,96,000/-
Department of Biotechnology Hydrogen Production From Algae PI: P. Gautam, Co–PI: B. S. Lakshmi 2010-12 Rs. 48,04,000/-
Department of Biotechnology DBT Program Support for Macromolecular Engineering & Design Anna University & Madurai Kamaraj University Coordinator : P. Gautam Co–Leader : S. Krishnaswamy,Co–PI’s: R. Usha,Sharmila Anishetty, B. S. Lakshmi,G. Nandhini Devi, S.Ramalingam 2008–14 Rs. 5,03,00,000/-

Patents Filed

• Process For Preparing rhamnolipid capped metal nanoparticles. Pennathur Gautam, Narayanan Janakiraman,:Centre fo Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai - 600025, Tamilnadu India, Patent Application Publication, Application No.2143/CHE/2008 A India Date of filing of Application :02/09/2008 Publication Date : 21/11/2008. The Patent Office Journal

• A Method to detect hydrolases and in-gel staining of proteins using tetra (4-sulphonato phenyl) porphyrin. P.Gautam , V.Sujatha ,K.S.Vinod Kumar D.Leelavathi. Application No.3161/CHE/2008 A. Date of filing of Application :16/12/2008 (43) Publication Date : 20/02/2009 The Patent Office Journal

• A Method for microbial production of extracellular lipase using vegetable oilseed substrates. Pennathur Gautam, Cherukuvada Subbalakshmi Latha Application No.375/CHE/2009 A.Date of filing of Application :20/02/2009 Publication Date : 06/03/2009. The Patent Office Journal

• A Process for production of water-based nanofluid using single walled carbon nanotubes. P. Gautam, K.A.Padmanabhan,T.Mohan Das,R. Jayavel,A.Pandurangan, T.Somanathan, N.Rajaram, V. Ganpath Kumar, S. Nagaraja. Application No.2831/CHE/2008 Date of filing of Application :18/11/2008 Publication Date : 30/01/2009. The Patent Office Journal.

• A Method for producing metal oxide nanoparticles using tamarind seed polysaccharide. P. Gautam, B.S. Lakshmi, K.S.Vinod Kumar, V. Sujatha, Appl. No. 832/CHE/2009 A. Date of filing of Application: 09/04/09 Publication Date : 12/06/2009. The Patent Office Journal.

• A Method for live cell imaging of bacterial cells using anionic porphyrins and its metallo derivatives. P. Gautam, V. Sujatha, K.S. Vinod Kumar, Srinath Krishnamurthy, Bharat Sridhar. Appl. No. 1082/CHE/2009 A. Date of filing of Application: 11/05/09 Publication Date: 12/06/2009. The Patent Office Journal.

• A Process for Production and Purification of Thermostable Organic Solvent Protease from Aeromonas vernii PG01. P. Gautam, K. Diwakar & J. Deepa Priya Appl. No. 491/CHE/2010 A. Date of filing of Application: 25/02/2010.


Refereed Journal Articles

  • Green synthesis and characterization of cadmium sulphide nanoparticles from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and their application as photocatalysts. Divya Rao & Gautam Pennathur Materials Research Bulletin http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.materresbull.2016.08.049
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  • Recepient of the UGC-CSIR Scholarship for Doctoral Research 1983
  • Recepient of UGC–BSR one time grant in 2012.
  • Indian National Science Academy Teachers Award 2012.

( Undergraduate Students who Carried out Projects in Our Group & Their Present Positions )

Name Year Present Position
Dr. T. Vatasla 1996 Assistant Professor , NCBS , Bangalore
Dr. M. Krishnan 1997 Assistant Professor, University of Zurich
Dr. M. J. Ananth 2000 Assistant Professor, South Western Medical Center, Dallas.
Dr. Sunil Laxman 2000 Principal Scientist , In-STEM, Bangalore.
Dr. Athi Narayanan 2002 Assistant Professor, IIT, Madras.
Dr. Ashwin Sai Narain 2003 Scientist , NCBS, Bangalore.
Dr. S. Krithivasan 2003 Assistant Professor, University of Okalhoma,U.S.A.
Dr. Siddarth Jhunjhunwala 2004 Assistant Professor, IISc, Bangalore


Professor, Centre for Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025


pgautam@annauniv.edu ,