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Teaching Fellow

Department of Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025

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Degree Year University
M.Pharm 2009 KMCH College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore
B.Pharm 2006 J.S.S College of Pharmacy, Ooty.


July 2011 to till date Teaching Fellow, Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University
June 2009 to October 2010 Assistant Professor, PRIST University,Pondicherry

Research interests

• Colon targeting

• Natural polymer based drug delivery systems

• Dosage form Design

• Pharmacokinetics

• Mathematical modeling of release profiles

Research Activities

Assisted students in the following projects:

• Evaluation of Banana Peel powder as a release retardant in the formulation of sustained release dosage forms

• Comparative evaluation of sustained release tablets prepared using Fenugreek seed mucilage and HPMC

• Evaluation of moringa gum as a natural carrier for colon specific tablets.

• Colon Targeting of celecoxib matrix tablets using okra gum as binding agent

• Formulation and evaluation of clopidogrel film coated tablets

• Development and evaluation of Bilayer multi vitamin tablets

Patents Filed

• Banana Peel-A Suitable carrier for drug delivery and Biomedical Devices. N.Selvasudha, N.SriDurgaDevi, Kailasam Koumaravelou and K.Ruckmani:Application number-E-2/3937/2017-CHE.Date of filing of application-21/12/2017.


  • Ilango K B , Manisha Mishra , Sridurga Devi , Rajsekaran A , Senthil kumar M , Subburaju T In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Okra Polysaccharide-Based Colon-Targeted Drug Delivery Systems.International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research (Issue: 1; Volume: 5; Year: 2010; Page. No: 138-145)
  • Ananya Rajkumari, manjir sarma kataki, K.B. Ilango, Sri Durga Devi, PrakashRajak:Studies on the development of colon specific drug delivery system of ibuprofen using polysaccharide extracted from AbelmoschusesculentusL. (Moench.)Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2012, 7 (1): 67-74
  • Selvasudha.N,Kailasam Koumaravelou and Sri Durga Devi.N“Optimization of formulation parameters and characterisation of Simvastatin loaded chitosan nanoparticles” International Journal of Advanced Research(Year-2017,Volume-5,Issue-2 and Page no:2386-2400)

  • Among First three in School Level and Gold medalist in B. Pharmacy.


Teaching Fellow

Department of Biotechnology

Anna University, Chennai 600025


044 - 2235 8358